wire China 2020

wire China 2020, together with Tube China, will take place from 23th to 26th September at Shanghai International New Expo Centre with a 112,500+ exhibition space. It's estimated that the both events will welcome 48,000 quality visitors and be ground to a comprehensive exhibit range presented by around 1,700 leading brands.

Trade Fair Preparations

1,700 Brands

Exhibiton space

Choose Our Exhibiton

Product Category
  • Wire Manufacturing & Finishing Machinery
  • Process Technology Tools
  • Auxiliary Process Technology Materials
  • Materials, Special Wires & Cables
  • Measuring & Control Technology
  • Test Engineering
  • Specialist Areas
Target Visitors
  • Electric / Optical Fiber Cable Industry
  • Automotive Supply Industry
  • Wire Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • IT & Telecommunication
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Electronic Industry
  • Electrical Industry
  • Iron Steel & Non-Ferrous Metal Industry
  • Association / Research Institute / University
  • Trading
  • Other

Concurrent Events

China Wire & Cable Industry Conference

Industry conference will be held in the duration of wire China ,which aims to promote technology exchange, communication and innovation of wire&cable industry...

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Technical Seminar

Graspe to the pulse of the market,wire China construct the platform for the exchange of new products and technologies of wire &cable industry...

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