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Proton @ wire China 2018

Proton Products Inc. Announces Industry 4.0 Compliance

Proton Products Inc., the global leader for wire and cable instrumentation, announces Industry 4.0 compliance with its broad suite of intelligent products, communications protocols and flexible automation capability. Proton Products accurate, fast measurements with their embedded industry-standard communications and smart technologies form the fundamental building blocks for the successful implementation of Industry 4.0.

Proton Products Industry 4.0 compliance is based on the following three technology megatrend drivers:

Connectivity: Proton Products were among the ‘first movers’ to provide smart field instruments with their InteliSENS product lines using embedded Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232 and CANbus communications. Subsequently Ethernet I/P, DeviceNet, ProfiBus, ProfiNet, Bluetooth and WiFi have been added, allowing these to be networked with PLC, DCS and other compliant platforms. Also, operators can view InteliSENS data on tablet devices in real time, while collaborating with supervisors and technicians. Plantwide connectivity has helped place Proton Products ahead of the field as information carriers by allowing its customers to bridge their digital and physical assets.

Intelligence: The Proton Products InteliSENS family supports intelligent decision-making for the wire and cable industries with fast, transparent, accurate data. Measurements includes wire speed & length, wire diameter, lump and neck defects, temperature, insulation capacitance and spark testing. These deliver exceptional performance, for example, diameter measurement rates of up to 10,000 scans/second/axis and speed & length measurements of 200kHz. These intelligent sensors provide large, reliable data sources for high-value process modelling, advanced controls and information analysis.

Flexible Automation: As Industry 4.0 develops, Proton Products have continued to collect, share and analyze information with its customers to help build their ‘digital environment’. Proton Products advances in integration and intelligence represents a flexible automation ‘value chain’ for industrial processes. InteliSENS digital concepts and integrated solutions now provide a modular approach to this value chain that supports the ‘smart factory’ concept with physical measurements, connectivity and intelligence to minimize production costs and maximize output.

Proton Products Inc. will participate in wire China 2018, meet them at Booth W1D82.

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