The DT-Series/VSS-Superseal Series by CONEC

Connectors from the areas Agricultural, Construction and municipal technology


Whether tractors, excavators or construction machines, the segment IVCM (Industrial Vehicles and Construction Machines) places high demands on the connectors used.  The CONEC series of overmoulded DT valve connectors is assembled in-house and overmoulded and thus provides optimal protection against external influences in harsh environments, for example in underground applications, low temperatures or in dusty, hot conditions.

The DT and VSS- Superseal connector series are designed as cable to cable connection and are latched and locked via a latch with the mating connector. Due to the CONEC overmould, the protection degree IP67 / IP69K is complied with for the entire connector in mated condition.

Optionally the overmoulded DT connector series comes with an LED to indicate the signal status and protection circuit. A unique feature is the 360° visibility of the LED. The protection circuit keeps switching and interference voltage away from the LED and connected systems.


With increasing demands on the efficiency in agriculture, precision farming is becoming more and more important. Precision farming indicates for the targeted management of utilized agricultural land, e.g. the individual application of fertilizers and plant protection products depending on the position of the utilized land.

To ensure the necessary communication between tractor, equipment and agricultural management software, the non-proprietary ISOBUS is used. ISOBUS is specified in standard ISO 11783-2 and describes the BUS including the connectors used with it.

To extend the CONEC product range in the field of connection solutions for agricultural and construction machinery, the connectors for ISOBUS are included in the ready-made and overmoulded design.

The overmould provides a continuous IP67 protection of the housing up to the hybrid cable and is suitable especially for harsh environments like agriculture, construction and mining industries. Connection is done via bayonet locking.

Currently, three different cable variants are available which are specifically designed for agricultural applications. The cable variants differ in the cross-section of the stranded wires for ground and power with 6 mm², 10 mm² and 16 mm²

M12x1 Connectors with plastic screw/nut

The M12x1 product portfolio of overmoulded connectors has been expanded by a new variant. In addition to the previously existing versions with screw elements made of zinc-die cast and turned stainless steel 1.4404, a version with plastic screw elements has been added.

The screw elements are made of PA6 GF20 UL94-V0. As the plastic materials are resistant to weak acids, bases, alkalis and alkaline cleaning agents, the scope of application is where the chemical environment allows no use of zinc die-cast fittings and where stainless steel elements are too expensive.

M12x1 Connectors overmoulded with plastic screw/nut are available as axial or angled version, number of poles 4-, 5- and 8-pos.

Junction System Type S, M, L

The new CONEC junction system provides a flexible way to integrate moulded branches/outlets in electrical connection lines such as e.g. cable harnesses. This ensures that the continuous lead sheathing retains its full functional integrity even at the splice site (at the junction system). The junction system is min. IP67-protected, electrically tested in the factory and thus offers a robust, tamper-proof way to electrify machines in a safe way.

The PUR moulding provides good resistance for applications in the agricultural industry. CONEC provides three different sizes of junctions systems (S, M and L).

Since the junction system is designed for cable entries and exits, there are almost unlimited possibilities to combine different connector systems.

Source:  Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH