Gates open - with proof. For all trade fair participants (both exhibitors and visitors) must follow below items at our business fairs:


  Provide a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours

  Provide the Notice of Removal of Quarantine with 5+3 days

  Register for the Nanjing QR code before the exhibition, present the green application code when entering the exhibition area

  Show your passports and take photos for record on overseas visitor register counter.

  All the participants should scan the Venue code and pass Digital Sentries installed in the entrance with green code.

  Foreigners who live in China must apply for the Nanjing QR code before the exhibition and present the original passport and the green code before entering the exhibition area. Participates without a green code is NOT allowed to enter the Exhibition.

** The detail policy may adjust by the show time, as decided by the COVID-19 situation in the country

2.png· The right timing. 

Negative nucleic acid test must have been performed no more than 48 hours and the valid Notice of Removal of Quarantine according to the latest policy.


· Your online pre-registration with real name, please. 

All visitors must complete online real-name registration before entering the exhibition area. Every exhibitor, visitor, and the expo staff must be consistent with their own ID number and original ID card to get badge before entering exhibition area.

4.png· Effective infection protection. 

Sanitiser dispensers located in our entrances, halls, hall transitions and toilet facilities are ready for frequent use. And highly exposed surfaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected for you.


· For everyone's protection:

Please wear a medical mask. And although you might not be able to see it, we are smiling at you behind our masks. 


· By far the best idea.

Though we ask you to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other trade fair participants, you will still see the latest trends up close and personal.


· Enough room for everyone. 

With more than 300,000 m² of exhibition space, spacious entrance and waiting areas, wide aisles, marked paths similar to road traffic, distance markings and attentive staff.


· Safety counts.  

Which means the online real-name registration system, counting visitor registrations to regulate the capacity and flow of people at all events – for your protection and better visiting experience and reduce the rush.


· Fresh breeze for business.  

And for healthy breathing air. Thanks to high-performance air handling systems across the entire exhibition premises and – where needed – with natural air flow inside the halls.


· Our doors between the halls are wide open. 

Like you we just can’t wait to be back in business again. Which is why our doors will be wide open for you. Easy for you to enter – and leave: by separate entrances and exits.


· "Bless you." 

–  for the sake of yourself and others, please sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm. Even better, do so while maintaining a great distance of least one metre or turning away from others.