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The First C919 Will Be Delivered Soon!

At 6:52 on May 14, 2022, the C919 aircraft numbered B-001J took off from Runway 4 of Pudong Airport and landed safely at 9:54, marking the successful completion of the first flight test of the first C919 aircraft that Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China is about to deliver to its first user. With C919 orders exceeding a thousand aircraft and a market size of nearly 600 billion RMB, the future of China's civil aviation industry is highly anticipated, which has also brought about the cluster effect of the development of the civil aviation industry chain.

Aviation Cables May Meet Huge Business Opportunities

In aircraft manufacturing, aviation cables are also an important link that cannot be ignored, and they are regarded as the “nerves” of modern aircraft. Aviation cables roughly include four categories: aviation power grid installation lines and power cables (accounting for about 80%), high-temperature fire-resistant cables in aircraft engine areas, aviation communication data cables, and aviation special cables. Different material specifications and different types of cables organically connect aircraft flight control, avionics, fuel, hydraulics, environmental control, and other systems into a complete overall system. According to relevant information, the total amount of cables inside and outside the system in a Boeing aircraft is not less than 80km, of which the special wires and cables used for cabin wiring are not less than 30km.

The Domestic Large Aircraft Industry Will Continue to Be Popular in the Future

According to the forecast of the China Aviation Industry Development Research Center, it is expected that more than 7,000 civilian airliners will need to be replenished between 2021 and 2040, with a total value of more than 6 trillion RMB.

The "COMAC Market Forecast Annual Report (2020-2039)" released by COMAC describes that over 40,000 new aircraft are expected to be delivered worldwide in the next 20 years, worth approximately US$6 trillion.

The potential of global aviation industry is huge. The domestic large aircraft will usher in a trillion dollar market. Let's look forward to it together!