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How Much Do You Know About Wires and Cables for New Energy Vehicles?

In recent years, new energy vehicles have become the darling of the new era. Wires and cables, a seemingly inconspicuous but very important part, hide unexpected "big energy".

The main application scenarios for new energy wires and cables are in-vehicle wires and cables, charging guns/charging piles, and portable car battery charger.

Because of the high voltage and large current in the new energy vehicles and the limited space, the wires and cables of the charging piles are exposed outdoors for a long time. The particularity of the use environment puts forward very strict requirements for the performance of the wire and cable materials.

1. The Types of Automobile Wires

Wires are the carriers of electrical signals and currents. They are mainly composed of insulating skins and wires. Different specifications of wires correspond to different insulating skin materials and copper wire structures. In order to reduce the degree of interference of different signals during transmission, twisted pair cables and shielded wires are also used in automobiles. Due to the large amount of wires used on the vehicles, to facilitate the production of wiring harnesses and the after-sales maintenance of the whole vehicle, the insulating skins will generally be set in different colors to distinguish.

2. The Performance of Automobile Wires

Wires and cables for new energy vehicles have the characteristics of high voltage, big wire diameter, many bends, and large heat generation. Therefore, they need to have the properties of high and low temperature resistance, oil and water resistance, flame retardant, tear resistance, insulation, UV aging resistance, etc.

3. The Selection and Design of Wires with Special Specifications

A. The Design and Selection of Twisted Pair Cables

The twisted pair cable is a kind of twisted wire. It is used to avoid external interference when various wires of automobiles are coordinated. It is mainly used for signal circuits such as CAN buses, radio system speakers, and airbag generators. Different system signals have different requirements for twisting pitch. The commonly used twisted pair pitches are 20, 25 mm, etc.

B. The Design and Selection of Shielded Wires

Shielded wires refer to adding shielding to various automobile wires mentioned above, so that the wires are not vulnerable to external noise interference. In addition, they avoid unnecessary noise in communication signals, and are mainly used in signal loops such as various sensors, ECUs, and audio.

There are three main types of shielded wires: marshalling shielded wires, horizontal coiled shielded wires, and metal box shielded wires.


4. Conclusion

New energy vehicles are a national key development project in the next 10 to 20 years. Wires and cables, which are for transmitting electrical energy, play an important role in the interior of new energy vehicles and in the field of charging piles. And the wire and cable material industry will also usher in an explosion.