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wire China 2023 booth reservations are thriving, event scale to be expanded

The 10th All China - International Wire & Cable Industry Trade Fair (wire China 2023) will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 4th to 7th.

Currently, the original area allocated for booths at the exhibition has been sold out. Considering this surge in demand for booth space from domestic and international exhibitors, the organizers have decided to scale up and upgrade wire China 2023!

Gathering 800+ brands and industry giants

Many companies have signed up for this year's wire China, with 800+ exhibitors getting ready to showcase some of the latest products and technologies in the industry at the exhibition. With the relaxation of global pandemic prevention and control measures, and economic development entering a new phase, overseas demand for the Chinese market is burgeoning. Many overseas cable and wire companies now consider wire China as their preferred platform for returning to the Chinese market.

30+ industry conferences and forums to ignite the waves of insight

30+ industry conferences and forums will be held concurrently alongside the exhibition, bringing together industry leaders, business leaders, and experts to discuss the latest industry developments and trending topics, and to share technological innovation ideas.

- China Wire and Cable Industry Conference

- China Cable Materials Conference

- China Winding Wire Conference

- AWCCA General Assembly Meeting

- Seminar of Manufacturing Equipment and Processing Technology for Wire & Cables

- Seminar of Raw Materials and Processing Technology for Wire & Cables

- Wire & Cable Technology Webinar

- Themed Route Tour for Dedicated Products

Stepping up efforts in overseas markets to create an international event

wire China spares no effort in expanding overseas markets. Since the launch of its LinkedIn and Facebook pages, wire China has attracted extensive international attention. In 2023 alone, the number of views on overseas mainstream social media reached nearly 60,000. At the same time, wire China has also entered into cooperations with many overseas media channels, covering Japan, South Korea, Russia, India, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, the United States, etc., increasing wire China's international influence and opening up more foreign trade channels and opportunities for Chinese enterprises.

Multiple overseas exhibitions to broaden the boundaries of the exhibitions

The organizer Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute Co., Ltd. (SECRI) organized a delegation to visit Egypt, Germany, and India to participate in exhibitions. This not only builds a high-quality platform for Chinese companies to broaden their global vision, but also allows overseas brands and visitors to understand China International Wire & Cable Industry Trade Fair.

wire Middle East Africa 2023

Dates: September 2-4, 2023 \ Location: Cairo, Egypt


wire Düsseldorf 2024

Dates: April 15-19, 2024 \ Location: Dusseldorf, Germany


wire India 2024

Dates: November 27-29, 2024 \ Location: Mumbai, India