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100-Trillion-Won Economic Stimulus Package Boosts Korean Companies' Participation in wire China 2020

Currently, the outbreak has been under control in China, and the pace of enterprises returning to work is accelerating. Meanwhile,  Japan and South Korea, the neighbouring countries of China, have achieved effective results from positive prevention.

To ease the negative impact of the outbreak on economy, South Korean government has implemented a 100-trillion-won economic stabilization program to support cash-strapped manufacturers, medium-sized and large-sized companies

With the support from government, many Korean exhibitors got the confidence and decided to participate in wire China which will take place from 23 to 26 September in Shanghai.

Features: Meet the Products "Made in South Korea"


KOS is a manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel wire rope, nickel alloy wire for over 50 years. The products are widely applied to automobile manufacturing, electronic machinery, medical, infrastructure and other industries.


D&S was established on January 11, 1990, and has specialized in diamond dies precision processing. By processing ultra-precision products, it is possible to accurately check the inner diameter from low to high magnification.


Shinil E&T was founded in 1989 and is one of the leading company specializing in producing extruder head and tools with 95% of market share in Korea.


DEUK-YOUNG is a manufacturer of Water Blocking Tapes and Yarns with over 35-year expericence. The company supplys the best quality products all over the world.


JINYANG TECHNOLOGY produces semi-conductive, non-conductive water-blocking tapes with nonwoven and woven fabric, which use for EHV, HV, MV, marine cables, and fiber optical.

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